About Us

Founded in 2003 by Jon LaNasa and Derek Stockman, InvitationBox.com grew into one of the premiere online destinations for invitations and stationery before it was sold to CafePress in 2011. In May 2021, the founding team has reunited to relaunch the brand and work to bring back the magic we loved bringing to our customers' most important events and milestones. We look forward to welcoming back many of our legacy customers, and are ready to impress the new ones who are just finding us now.

InvitationBox.com is the exclusive home of the Noteworthy Snap Stamp and Snap Embosser collections. Featuring over 500 unique designs and a full online personalization tool, you will be able to create the perfect stamper or embosser. And if you want to have one of our professional typesetters review your design, we offer that as an upgrade service.

The team at InvitationBox.com loves invitations and stationery, and we hope you enjoy our store. Drop us a line if you have any questions or need some help.