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Black Snap Stamper Ink Pad Refill

Black Snap Stamper Ink Pad Refill

Order additional ink cartridges for your snap stamp in a variety of colors, including this one in black. Each ink pad will provide about 800 impressions before requiring reinking, but may vary according to the design and the type of paper you’re stamping.

"Snap" Feature

Both our stampers and embossers are designed so you can own one machine (stamper or embosser), and then buy extra faces (for stampers) or extra cartridges (for embossers) and simply "snap" them in and out as needed.

Product Lead Time

Usually ships out in 4-5 business days from Michigan.

*Please Note: During the Christmas holiday season, lead times may be 10-14 business days due to increased product demand. In addition, the stamper factory is closed between 12/24/22 - 1/3/23 for holiday.

Stamper Instructions

Download and view our stamper instructions to learn how to maintain and update your stamper.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Vanessa Finegan

Great quality! Received within days! Much more affordable than other places.


Priced well. Fast delivery.

lots of black

Thanks for getting my refill to me so quickly. it is great to have a clear crisp stamper back again!

Renee M
Best. Stamp. Ever.

I was lucky in that the first stamp I ordered was made by the Invitation Box. It works great. Then I ordered stamps for another house from a different company, no good. And then another company, no good. Finally I remembered the Invitation Box and ordered the other addresses from them. They are simply the best stamp out there. The others either have blotchy ink pots or not enough ink and you can’t read the lines due to the stamp not being completely level. I will only buy from Invitation Box from now on.

Rita Campbell
5 star

Easy to replace old ink pad. Good instructions.